Auto Posting

Auto Posting: PrestigeInternetSolutions

Automated Posting

Auto Posting, we will take care of all your social media postings and Craigslist ad postings.  We run social media campaigns for your brand depending on your needs.  And we run Craigslist ads for you so you don’t have to.

  1.  Social Media Campaigns:  We will design and automatically post strategic advertisements custom to your business’ needs.
  2. Craiglist Ad Postings:  Millions of people go to Craigslist to find services.  If your like most, you may have tired to do it yourself but failed.  We will get you back in the game and automatically post your Craigslist ads at peak specified times to afford your business full exposure.

Prestige Internet Solutions even sets up everything on regular scheduling, so you don’t have to worry about it and always hit peak hours no matter if you’re sailing in the Bahamas or at a business meeting, your social media is still working for your business and never misses a beat. We frequently set up posts in advance for as much as a week!