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Professional Copy Writing Services at Prestige Internet Solutions.

Your website looks fabulous – it’s perfectly designed to appeal to prospects and draw in traffic. But what will you say to all those new visitors? The right words will turn them into customers and clients – and help your business live up to its potential. At Prestige Internet Solutions, we offer professional copy writing that will make you sound as good as you look. No matter your industry, our writing brings just the right balance of personality and professionalism to your site. We’ll write website copy that educates your audience, expresses your unique selling points, and leads visitors to hire and buy from you.

Written For Search Engines and People.

You can have the best copy in the world and if nobody ever sees it, it won’t make sales. Then again, online traffic is useless if you can’t convince people to buy. With us, you don’t have to choose between SEO-Optimized copy and copy that sells. We specialize in search engine friendly writing that will both draw in traffic and appeal to readers. Our writers can integrate keywords naturally, write to attract links and traffic, and engage your prospects all without breaking a sweat.

Ask About Our Ongoing SEO Content Services.

Search engines love sites that are updated frequently. And the more useful content you have on your site, the more likely other webmasters will link to it boosting your rankings. Many business owners don’t have time to update their own sites with high-quality, well-written, SEO-optimized feature articles, tips and advice, and blog posts all the time and if you do, you have an edge online. Of course, you probably don’t really have time to do all that writing. That’s where we come in. We’ll be your secret SEO marketing weapon, providing you with all the well-written content you need to keep your edge in the search engines. We write educational, engaging content that will help you turn your site into a resource.

Our Copy Writing Services Include:

• Website copy: Boost your bottom line with copy that encourages sales.
• SEO content creation: Attract links, boost traffic, and rise in the ranks.
• E-zines and autoresponders: Sending out an email blast? We’ll write it for you.
• E-books and reports: Position yourself as an industry expert.
• Feature articles: Educate your visitors and showcase your knowledge.
• Brochures and print: Writing that sells, both online and off.

  • By the Hour: $75 per hour for writing, editing, and proofreading.

  • By the Article: $200.00 per original 300 word article

  • By the Rewrite: $100.00 if you write a 300 word article and we rewrite it for you.

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