Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Have you ever seen first hand the power of a well-honed Social Media Marketing strategy? The social media team at Prestige Internet Solutions has experience making high quality content which entertains, informs, engages and excites users! Your content will be making the rounds getting and being shared across social networks like wild fire.

Combining Business and Entertainment

Social Media Marketing is a great outlet for business announcements, promotions, and other information. But are your readers intrigued by your content, are they entertained by your daily posts? We have refined our ability to inject humor and whimsy while maintaining the utmost professionalism – giving your business a unique, exciting personality with which to engage users.

Original, Professionally Written Content

Using the unique personality and voice of your business, we generate original content written by professionals which is relevant, informative, interesting or entertaining to your existing customer base and the sorts of customers you hope to target.

Automated Posting

Prestige Internet Solutions even sets up everything on regular scheduling, so you don’t have to worry about it and always hit peak hours no matter if you’re sailing in the Bahamas or at a business meeting, your social media is still working for your business and never misses a beat. We frequently set up posts in advance for as much as a week!

Spice It Up With Some Image

Our services include access to an archive of interesting images to add a bit of visual flair to your social media presence. We can also create original custom images featuring your business, events, or any other number of things. One quality image is sometimes all it takes to go viral!

Grammar Sticklers

We don’t let an article leave our desks without extensive proofreading, scouring with a fine-toothed comb for any typos and exhaustively checking the precision of our grammar, the structure of our sentences and the overall flow of the piece!

Local Based Services

Our services are based entirely out of the United States of America!  meaning we never outsource to distant places or locations which might pose language barriers or time zone constraints.

Supplement Your Existing Marketing Team

Prestige Internet Solutions is happy to work along side an existing marketing team and in fact has developed many services specifically geared to help out in such situations. Enhance the productivity and strategies of your marketing team by drawing from our extensive knowledge, experience, and advanced toolkit – all at a small percentage of the cost of hiring a your own dedicated team.

Recurring Contracts

The Social Media Marketing sphere is one which never rests – so we work out recurring contracts with our clients to handle their social media presence month after month. If you decide you would like to stop working with Prestige Internet Solutions, we are happy to cancel your services at the beginning of your next accounting month with no questions.

Boost That Conversion Rate

The holy grail of any internet marketing is a high conversion rate. We have refined our strategies to boost conversion rates to their maximum potential, taking advantage of a wide range of techniques and platforms to make sure the message is heard loud and clear. One of the most potent forces for boosting a conversion rate comes from Social Media Networking – our experienced staff know well how important having an established Social Media Networking following is, and how regular updates on social media display to the world that your business is active and thriving.

Getting Your Name Out There

By far one of the most potent forces in business is brand recognition. How do you get recognition? Through exposure! In order to let people know who you are and what you’re doing, you need to reach into areas where they are already familiar: like social media sites. Social media provides an unobtrusive method for you to advertise to the people who you most want to see your content.

The Possibilities of Social Media

Not long ago social media was something only few businesses considered at all – and even then, sort of as an afterthought. Yet a rapid explosion in the user base of social networks has generated a whole new paradigm in advertising and marketing. Anyone who has not stepped into the powerhouse of marketing that is social media is selling themselves short! Develop a professional social media strategy before your competitors force you out.

Acquire Prestige  Search Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is by far one of the most potent tools any business can employ to being more successful on the web. As social media plays a bigger and bigger role in the web, so-called “Social Signals” are being investigated as a means for search engines to evaluate websites. We always remain on the forefront of developments like Social Signals and develop the best tactics to employ social media based SEO.

Extensive User Interface

Want to quickly get a glimpse at exactly what we’re doing for your business? At any time you can use our intuitive, user-friendly interface to get a look at all the content we have produced for you. You can even control the 7-day scheduling of posts and customize the order, or add additional social media content produced by your own team.
We work hard to learn what kinds of posts you prefer and which ones you don’t, and the 7-day schedule provides plenty of time to get a close inspection of what we’ll be putting out to decide for yourself exactly what content you want – after all, social media represents the face of your business! You should have (and exercise!) control over exactly what goes out.

Let Prestige Internet Solutions Do The Heavy Lifting

From the earliest phases of planning a social media strategy, we are ready to provide assistance with every single detail. For every new business we work with, we begin by extensive evaluating the business and trying to get a deep understanding of exactly what your business does, hopes to achieve, and the means you want to use to get there.
Every day we will produce high quality posts for your social media feeds – Facebook statuses, Tweets and all the rest – complete with professionally written content and custom images.
Social media milestones can truly make a huge difference to a business. Every Like on your page, or ReTweet is a potential to reach new customers, create conversions and lasting business relationships.

Leave the Other Guys In The Dust

Social media marketing is something anyone can break into – and as such, just about every business with any marketing sense has done so! Yet many of them are doing a subpar job, or neglecting it entirely. If the competition in your field has some lackluster social media presence, you can practically knock them out of the game with the help of a professional social media strategy.

No matter what industry your in – whether you sell toys or fix drains – you can benefit from Social Media Marketing. Your customers are definitely on social media, engaging with each other and business and waiting to be engaged by new exciting content like Prestige Internet Solutions produces for our clients. Maintaining an active and consistent social media presence is the equivalent of a well-kept storefront, which advertises clearly by its bright lighting and well-staffed nature that it is open for business and inviting to new customers.